Photograph provided by Mark A. Bauman

Photograph provided by Mark A. Bauman

Dog Policy

If you choose to bring your canine friend to the market, we ask that you follow these policies to ensure that everyone is safe:

        Indoor Winter Season

  • No Pets are allowed in the Atrium during Winter Indoor Market
  • Service Animals only are permitted in the Atrium

       Outdoor Summer Season

  • Dogs must be kept on a short, non-extendable leash at all times
  • Keep your dog in your control and at your side
  • Keep dogs away from produce, plants, food and other people
  • Clean up after your dog
  • Aggressive, untrained dogs should not be brought to the market
  • If your dog expresses aggressive, loud, or uncontrollable behavior, or if you do not pick-up after your dog, Market Management may ask you to remove your dog from Market due to health and safety risks

We love dogs, and we know you love yours, too. Please keep in mind, though, that other people might not, and they may have had a traumatizing experience with a dog. Be considerate of all customers by following our guidelines above and using common sense. If you have any questions about our dog policy while shopping, please refer to signs located around the market.