A Little More about Our Market

    Each and every Saturday, the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market brings 80+ local vendors to the Downtown Troy area. Thousands of customers flock to our bustling, community-oriented marketplace to shop, dine, and enjoy Troy. We are a not-for-profit, Vendor Run Farmers Market, with a Board of Directors consisting of majority vendors. 

In order to accomplish our mission, TWFM’s goals are to:

  • To connect consumers with a wide variety of local small scale artisanal producers.
  • To promote and sustain regional agriculture
  • To be a first class marketplace for the community.
  • To serve as an economic engine for small producers.
  • To be a vital force in the local economy

Becoming a Vendor

     Interested in becoming a vendor with our Market? Here are a few necessary and very important qualifications:

  • We are a Producer-Only Marketplace, meaning no re-selling of items is allowed.
  • Preference is given to vendors within a 50 mile radius of Troy, New York
  • We are a majority Agricultural Market, meaning at least 60% of our vendors must be farmers
  • Our Market Year is broken up into two seasons: Summer Season (May - October) & Winter Season (November - April)
  • Applications are done once a year, per the decision of the Board, if there is a need to fill product or vendor vacancy

General Application

     2017 Vendor Applications are now closed.
Thank you to those that applied!

All applications are done once a year through www.ManageMyMarket.com with a $25 application fee. For more information, visit Manage My Market or Contact Us. Please be sure to review all Constitutions, By-Laws, Rules & Regulations, and additional fees and policies of the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market prior to applying.