Photograph provided by Mark A. Bauman

A Little More about Our Market

    Each and every Saturday, the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market brings 80+ local vendors to the Downtown Troy area. Thousands of customers flock to our bustling, community-oriented marketplace to shop, dine, and enjoy Troy. We are a not-for-profit, Vendor Run Farmers Market, with a Board of Directors consisting of majority vendors. 

In order to accomplish our mission, TWFM’s goals are:

  • To connect consumers with a wide variety of local small scale artisanal producers.

  • To promote and sustain regional agriculture

  • To be a first class marketplace for the community.

  • To serve as an economic engine for small producers.

  • To be a vital force in the local economy

Photograph provided by Mark A. Bauman

Becoming a Vendor

Are you a local farmer with a truly unique product for our market? Do you have that certain thing no one else has? We are always looking for something special and new to bring to the market. If you think this is you, please read through the following tabs on how to apply to our market. 

+ Do I qualify?

The Troy Waterfront Farmers Market is a Producer-Only Marketplace, meaning absolutely no re-selling of items is allowed. All products sold are made by the vendor themselves. Preference is given to vendors within a 50 mile radius of Troy, New York. We are a majority Agricultural Market, meaning at least 60% of our vendors must be farmers.

The following is a list of products that may be sold at the Market:

Fruits grown by the vendor

Vegetables grown by the vendor

Meat products 100% from animals raised from weaning by the vendor

Fish raised by the vendor through aqua culture from fingerlings of no more than 2” in size, or legally caught from the wild

Cider, fruit juice and herb teas sold in bulk or by the drink by the producer of the fruit or herbs

Dried fruits and vegetables only from fruit and vegetables grown and dried by the vendor

Honey and bee products produced and bottled/packaged by the vendor

Preserved and Processed Foods Jams, preserves, frozen, canned foods, etc. prepared by the vendor from fresh produce from the region. If the produce is grown in the area, the products must use solely local products. If not grown in the area (such as figs) products from outside the area may be used

Milk produced from the vendor’s own herd

Cheese and other dairy products preference shall be given to vendors using milk produced by their own herd. Vendors buying milk must do so from small regional sustainable farms which are subject to review by the market

Eggs from the vendor's own fowl

Poultry 100% from birds raised by the vendor from day old chicks

Grain products pancake mix, granola and other grain products from grain collected and blended/mixed by the vendor

Maple Products processed by the vendor from the vendor’s own or rented sugarbush

Baked goodsfresh baked and prepared from scratch by the vendor (no commercially prepared dough mixes, crusts, shells, fillings, or contents). Preference shall be given to vendors using local ingredients purchased directly from the farmer/producer

Field and greenhouse grown plants, flowers, cut flowers and herbs grown by the vendor from seeds, plugs, dormant roots or bulbs, or cuttings

Animal products wool, fleece, yarn, feathers, down, and untooled leather produced from animals owned by the vendor. Preference shall be given to vendors who process their own product

Crafts high quality craft items designed and produced by the vendor

Ready to eat prepared foods high quality food items prepared by the vendor. Preference shall be given to vendors who use locally grown farm direct products reflecting seasonable availability

Hay and straw, and feed products grown/produced by the vendor

Teas, herbs, spices, herbal vinegars blended/prepared and packaged by the vendor. Preference shall be given to vendors who grow their own ingredients

Services at the discretion of the Board, and as space permits; e.g., massage therapy, bicycle repair

Wine and Spirits bottled locally from local produce

Beer brewed and bottled locally

Confections/Chocolates made by the vendor. No commercially prepared mixes, filling or content

+ When can I apply?

Our Market Year is broken up into two seasons: Summer Season (May - October) and Winter Season (November - April). Applications are done once a year, per the decision of the Board, if there is a need to fill product or vendor vacancy. The new vendor applications for 2020-21 is open from November 8th until December 2nd 2019 for participation in Summer Market and Winter Market 2020-21.

+ How can I apply?

APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN 11/08/19 to 12/2/19 If you meet our qualifications and our applications are open, you will apply through Manage My Market. You must submit details of your products and business for our review. Your business must be up and running, not in the idea stage. All businesses must be prepared to submit product samples, labels, marketing materials, and price points for review by our Vendor Relations Committee, as well as attend phone and in-person interviews.

+ What are the rules?

[Please view full Rules and Regulations here.]1

Application Deadlines and Fees Applications for the market are typically open once a year for 30 days, unless otherwise needed as deemed by the Board of Directors. No early or late applications are accepted and there is no wait list at this time. Application fees are $25 (cash or check only) and due upon application. Your appplication will be reviewed upon receival of payment. Booth space fees start at $700 per six-month season for a 10'x10'spot, but are subject to change per discretion of the Board. In addition to the booth fee, vendors pay a membership fee, as well as optional utility and storage fees.

Insurance, Permits, and Certificates All vendors are required to provide a copy of general and product liability insurance, naming the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market and the City of Troy as additionally insured. Additionally, all proper permits, certificates, and licences for production, tasting, and sales of your product are required upon application. Please see the Resources link below for further assistance with whether your product is market-ready.

Weights All tents are required to have a minimum of 20-pound weights on each leg. Vendors will be required to take their tent down if this rule is not obeyed. TWFM has extra weights available on a first come, first serve basis.

Inspections and Audits All vendors will be inspected by our contracted Inspector and subject to the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market standards for participation.

+ Resources and Contacts

New York Farmers Market Federation:(315) 400 – 1447

Rensselaer County Health Department: (518) 270 - 2655

New York State Ag and Markets: (800) 554 - 4501

New York State Dept of Taxation and Finance

+ Acceptance

All applicants will be informed of their status with the market within 90 days from receipt of application with payment. Application does not guarantee acceptance, and we do not have a waitlist. Once you have received an acceptance letter from the Market Manager and the Board of Directors, you are accepted into the Summer Market Season. Year-long acceptance is based on availability, membership status, and per the Board's decision. Please read through our Rules and Regulations, Bylaws and Constitution, as well as any other market policies, as you will be held accountable for all information therein.